Kirlian Photography

  1. Kirlian Photography

    April 25, 2012 by David Lye

    Kirlian photography refers to the method of acquiring images without using conventional imaging film or a camera. During the late 1700s, Georg Lichtenberg experimented with the technique, as did Nicolas Tesla in the early 1900s. However, the unique process of obtaining images was named for Russian electrician and amateur inventor Semyon Kirlian because of the extent of his research. In 1939, Kirlian accidentally produced an image of an object on a photographic plate after exposing the plate to electrical current. The image on the glass appeared similar to a glowing halo. The inventor and his wife assumed they were capturing the life forces contained within the object. His experiments included photographing a leaf at various intervals from freshly picked to wilted. As the leaf dried out, the image also diminished, which led Kirlian to the conclusion of an aura. During the 1970s, parapsychologists performed tests using Kirlian photography and expressed… | Read the full article