Tilt Shift Photography

  1. Tilt Shift Photography

    May 30, 2012 by David Lye

    Have you ever seen a photograph that looks like it’s of a miniature scene, with tiny buildings and figurines, but later found out that it was actually a picture of a real scene? If so, then you’ve seen tilt shift photography. Tilt shift photography is one of the fastest growing photography trends, and is becoming more accessible to photographers of all skill levels. Tilt shift photography has been featured in such high profile films as The Social Network, and apps such as Instagram have brought it to the forefront of the photography scene. Previously utilized almost solely by professionals with access to specialized lenses and equipment, tilt shift effects can now be used by just about anyone. In most basic terms, tilt shift photography is taking a real scene and making it appear miniature. An example would be photographing a real railroad and having the finished image appear as if… | Read the full article