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Identify a Nightmare Client Before it's too Late | December 16, 2017

During the early stages of one’s photography career, we often take what we can in terms of available work. Even if perhaps the nature of said work, or the client aren’t exactly aligned with our vision, we feel as though the experience will serve us well and help round out our versatility and complement our portfolio. As time progresses however, and we start to receive more interest from prospective clients, we realise that it’s actually beneficial to be selective regarding the work we perform. That is, choosing work where we share a vision with the client, and declining wo... Read More

How to Emphasise Texture in Your Photos | December 07, 2017

For many photographers, textures are one of the most endearing aspects of photography. The visual formed by the contrast of colours, shapes, light and depth is something that creates a unique appearan... Read More

Considerations Before Buying a New Camera | November 25, 2017

Shopping for a new camera can be an exciting moment for everyone, yet alone a photographer who comes to depend on their camera to make a living. However, with the overwhelming number of options availa... Read More

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