Sara Grasso of Angelandevil Photography Shortlist Photographer

Stafford, Queensland
4 out of 5

Touch Board
Run Nation
The Advanced Group
East Coast Commercial
Ride The Night

Junie, Junie Living Homewares
Not only a talented photographer, Sara is an absolute pleasure to work with. Booking her was very simple and throughout the lead-up to our photoshoot, she was polite, extremely accommodating to my schedules and efficient. She totally understand what I was asking for and she made it a point to ask to make sure in advance what was needed to get the job done

Katherine, Sweetness Skulls and Lights
Sara is professional, flexible and accommodating. Sara delivers a first class product at very reasonable rates. I deal with a lot of photographers. Sara is a risk free option in terms of her photography product, and when coupled with her pleasant, yet driven, business savvy attitude you can't go wrong

Tina, DMA
Thank you for your friendly, yet professional manner Sara. You were able to make each and every one of us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. These pics will surely do our Website and Corporate Profile justice

Industry Affiliations
Fashion Photography
Baby/Children Photography
Event Photography
Automotive Photography
Family Photography
Corporate/Industrial Photography
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