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Margaret River, Western Australia
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    Julia + Mark , Bride 2017
    Well…. We are speechless. And in tears…….. again haha Ayzia…. these photos are beyond amazing. We are lost for words. You’ve just captured us and all that we are and we are so grateful and feel so blessed. From the bottom of our hearts…. thank you so much. You are truly talented. The box and the way it was presented was so beautiful. I’m in love! Thank you thank you thank you, you’ve made our year!!!!! Big love Xx

    Doona + Tom, Bride 2017
    Ayzia was brilliant! She captured us and our wedding perfectly! Highly recommend her and the quality of her work is extraordinary! Thanks again Ayzia for making our day with your gorgeous shots for us to cherish

    Meaghan + Ryan, Bride 2015
    Absolutely perfect. Helpful from start to end. Ayzia was an absolute delight. Gave tips above and beyond her role leafing up to the day. Photos arrived only 10 days post wedding in a gorgeous woodern box wrapped in lace. And the photos were breathtaking and nothing shy of perfect.

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About this Photographer

Im a West Australian-based photographer currently living in between Perth + gorgeous The South West, Western Australia.

My photography journey started in high school & I shot my first wedding at the age of 16 (2006). To compliment my love for photography I went to University as I was hungry to expand my knowledge and skills. I studied at Griffith University in South Bank & also at Curtin University WA and completed my Bachelor Of Art; Majoring in Photography!

Im thankful that my work allows me to pursue my passion for travelling and meeting a range of people of different backgrounds with different experiences. I have been photographing since 2006 and Ive had the privilege of photographing ceremonies from North Perth & all through the South West with the occasional destination wedding. Its a journey thats given me the opportunity to connect with incredible people, and document the many different ways they celebrate. Each time, my goal is the same: to capture their day honestly.

In addition to my wedding work, I photograph Portraits & commercial works. I also love working with new and established products to help create or reinforce an identity that the company wishes to show. View More...

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