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Caboolture, Queensland
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    Tracy, Bee Cherished Photography
    I wanted to say a massive THANK-YOU for everything you have done for us with our Maternity photo's to our Newborn photo's. You have captured a very special time in our live's. We have waited for this moment for two years and you made it so special for us. Scott and myself are in absolute AWW from all the photo's. You went above and beyond for us with making sure everything was perfect and for making us feel so calm and relaxed at both shoots (with Landyn). You captured our RAINBOW BABY so beautifully! ALL the photo's are absolutely stunning! we love every single one of them. Once again THANK-YOU!

    Tracy, Bee Cherished Photography
    Just wanting to say again what a wonderful job you have done with our photos. We love them and are so pleased with the way you have captured our energy as a family and preserved the precious and fleeting "newborn" phase of Arthur's life.

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    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
  • Maternity/Birth Photography

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    Bee Cherished Photography.

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About this Photographer

Hello I'm Tracy from Bee Cherished Photography on Brisbane's Northside I love Maternity and Newborn Baby Photography and have a warm welcoming studio in Caboolture specifically for newborn photography. I'd love to meet you and your new arrival and capture all the tiny precious details for you to cherish forever.
Bee Cherished Photography offer Styled Maternity Portraits on location or in Studio and have a range of beautiful outfits to choose from.
If you're looking for timeless newborn baby photos and exceptional value for money you should contact Tracy on 0412996891
I offer gift vouchers or an online gift registry and payment plans. If you're looking for a professional Maternity and Newborn photographer to make you feel very comfortable and at home to enjoy your photographic session visit or phone Tracy on 0412996891
The Studio is home to a wide range of gorgeous baby photography props, wraps, hats and accessories for your portrait session. Thanks for considering Bee Cherished Photography. ( Fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and fully immunized )
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