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Brisbane, Queensland
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    Maree OShea January 1, 2014

    Very concise and to the point about the products and services provided.
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    • Gaye Gee was awarded Silver for two images submitted in the Illustrative Category at the Qld State Epson AIPP 2016.


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    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    Maree OShea January 1, 2014

    Very concise and to the point about the products and services provided.
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About this Photographer

We are a commercial photography studio covering:
Interior Design Photography
Property/Real Estate Photography
Corporate portraiture

We listen - We interpret - We Collaborate - We Deliver

Brisbane Commercial Photography is here to help your business climb new heights through quality photographic imagery that showcases your hard work. Images that sell your product or services online and in print.

Our website portfolio is extensive so that our clients get to know Brisbane Commercial Photography through their photographic imagery.

Our rates are affordable and straight forward for our business clients.

We have a dedicated Product photography studio for small to medium sized products which includes macro photography to help the smallest of your product stand out.

Brisbane Commercial Photography looks forward to supporting your business needs.

Please respect copyright on Brisbane Commercial Photography images found through a google images search under this listing in It is illegal to copy images.

Gaye Gee
(Dip of Management, Dip. Photo Imaging & 20+ years experience)
Member of Queensland Interior Decorator's Association (QIDA)

Gaye is a recent recipient of two Silver Awards for images in the Illustrative category at the Qld State AIPP Epson Awards 2016. Please visit the website for more information.
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