Claire Letitia Reynolds of

Maleny, Queensland
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    • Tracey Moffatt
    • M & C Saatchi
    • Commonwealth Bank
    • PUMA
    • Care South
    • The Principles
    • Nivea
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Mercedes Australian Fashion Week
    • Carl Kapp
    • Star Casino
    • Foxtel
    • SBS Independant
    • Sydney Entertainment Centre
    • Pacific Magazines
    • Central West Lifestyle Magazine
    • Cream Magazine
    • PULP Magazine


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About this Photographer

A people person with over fifteen years experience as a photographer, visual storyteller, and educator through the commercial and art worlds. Reynolds key strengths lie in conceptual development and a clear vision, coupled with photographic expertise.

Reynolds was a major contributor to the 2016 Head On Photo Festival with her series "The Lonesome Cowboy".

Having recently located to the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Maleny, Reynolds is currently working both north and south and including the Brisbane area. View More...

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