Sophie Tomaras of Capital Image Shortlist Photographer

Melbourne, Victoria
5 out of 5 from 1 review.

With a starting career in real-estate my love for property was fulfilled but my need for creativity was sorely neglected. Until a growing passion for photography saw a love of taking unique imagery of the properties that I was dealing with daily.

It naturally evolved to establishing Capital Image. A photography service for architects, property developers and the hospitality industry.
They say beauty is within the eye of the holder, and I see beauty in all properties. The aesthetics, the craftsmanship, the concepts, the finer details and the liveability.
And it is with this practiced eye that I have become adept at being able to translate these very aspects into images that relay the intended atmosphere of your build and designs.
With an astute understanding of marketing, I can provide you with a portfolio of photographs to use for all of your promotional purposes. Emotive images that will effectively invoke the desire to be a part of its story, through either visiting it, purchasing it or hiring you to design their own.
With a personal and flexible approach to every photographic project, my efficient and reliable creative process will ensure you receive a service that delivers to your brief.
Please visit my website to view my portfolio.

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer
Specialising in Architecture - Interiors - Commercial Photography

Architectural Photography
Landscape Photography
Food Photography
Advertising Photography
TV Castles Real Estate
Axia Building Group
C & J Designer Homes
Metricon Homes
Melbourne Plantation Shutters

Sandra, C & J Designer Homes
Just want to express my gratitude for not only providing great photos of our homes but also compliment on your professionalism and how easy you made our job.

I worked with Sophie from 2014/2015 and she was a sensational team member for the project we tackled. Sophie not only got the brief, she delivered well above expectations. Sophie was incredibly easy to work with and was able to take on all of the projects delivered to her with enthusiasm, persistence and dedication. I would have no hesitation suggesting Sophie an an incredible photographer, who thinks about the bigger picture and doesn't just deliver a photo.

Industry Affiliations
AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Prompt, professional and fantastic work! Work is of the highest order on a consistent basis. Can't imagine working with anyone else.

Reviewed on 24/08/2016

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Capital Image

, Melbourne, Victoria

0488XXXXXX + Click To Show Full Number'.0488 224 949.'

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Prompt, professional and fantastic work! Work is of the highest order on a consistent basis. Can't imagine working with anyone else.

Reviewed on 24/08/2016

Architectural Photography
Food Photography
Landscape Photography
Advertising Photography
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