Ryan Salway of
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Chatswood, New South Wales
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About this Photographer

An enthusiastic photography who enjoys going above and beyond to make the photographs of your events memorable. As photography is a second job for me I'm able to be very price competitive however this in no way limits the quality of my work, please browse my portfolio and you will see I deliver quality work and am perfect for your next event.

I attempt to capture the overall vibe of the event with food, decor and layout. You will notice a large amount of my photography is based on events, I don't include studio staged pictures in my portfolio as they are not a realistic indication of event photography output. Furthermore unlike other photographers which offer you a package of 20/50/100 edited images, I'll provide edited copies of all photos from the day to make sure you don't miss that special moment or particular guests. This ultimately creates more work to edit every photo but that's what makes our offering unique!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. View More...

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