Bill Jackson-Martin of
Frontcover Photography

Balwyn, Victoria
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  • Clients

    • W Hotels
    • Warwick Hotels
    • Mandarin Hotels
    • Accor Hotels and Resorts
    • Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts
    • Hardie Grant Publishing
    • Keshett Jewellery
    • Vogue
    • Harpers Bazaar
    • Vision Magazine
    • Cubec
    • Mercedes Benz
    • Bangkok Airways
    • Ray White Real Estate
    • LJ Hooker
    • Iconek Real Estate
    • JY Property
    • JRW Property
    • Buxtons Real Estate
    • Rain and Horne Real Estate
    • Noel Jones Real Estate
    • First National Real Estate


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    Industry Affiliations

    • ACMP - Australian Commercial and Media Photographers
    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    Wedding Photography

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    Frontcover Photography.

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About this Photographer

I am a photographer and Videographer with 30 years experience in the Advertising, Film and television industries. I am a Casa Licensed and Insured Drone pilot.

Real estate, Architecture, Resorts and Hotels, Fashion, Jewellery, Food, Weddings and Events are the areas photographed. Ariel drone photography and video shot. 360 degree VR panoramas produced for websites, Facebook and Google Street View.

An exclusive elegant style of imagery is produced. With experience in many countries and environments around the world a truly global influence is expressed. Always striving for the best possible result. Available in Australia and Internationally.

The latest equipment is used giving a universally superior product.

I will try and beat any written quote on dollars, service and quality.

I look forward to photographing your next concept! View More...

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