Waterloo, New South Wales
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    • Paloma Turrin
    • Sarah Wright
    • Margarita Shavkunova
    • Leah Gersteling
    • Marla Noriega
    • Bella Valentini
    • Miriam Giles
    • Gabrielle Keaton
    • Tiff Boyle
    • Regina Lang
    • Siboney Corrales
    • Carina Villalobos
    • Daniela Osorio
    • Melissa Unda
    • Gisella Balanta
    • Yeye Tung


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    Leah Gersteling,
    Very professional, Kind excellent to work with, efficient and reliable. I would recommend 100%!

    Gabrielle Keaton,
    Professional and fun to work with! makes the shoot very enjoyable whilst producing amazing photos

    Sheida Jamshidi,
    Hes a great photographer and makes you feel so comfortable. I had a chance to get my photoshoots done with him and I was confident with his work. He gives you open options and allows you to choose what you love and feel happy with which makes his work extra valuable. Was a pleasure to work with him!

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  • Advertising Photography

    Fashion Photography

    Portrait/Headshot Photography

    Glamour Photography

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About this Photographer

Experienced photographer. mostly on female Fashion, Beauty, & Editorial, portraits and head shots, with excellent post production & editing skills.

Senior Graphic Designer with education on Artistic and fashion photography and extensive knowledge on professional lighting, posing, and professional High-End photography Retouch

If this is something that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or simply call 0450455022 and we can discuss details further. View More...

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