HouseCatStudio Shortlist Photographer

Waterloo, New South Wales
4 out of 5

Wide experience on studio and outdoor photography mostly on female portrait and head shots, also with great confidence on post production and editing as I'm a senior Graphic Designer, and have work as such for the last 13 years. I have Education on Artistic and fashion photography, and extensive knowledge on professional lighting, posing, and professional portrait retouch. Always looking for new ideas, people to work with and take my visuals to the next level...
Marla Noriega
Bella Valentini
Miriam Giles
Gabrielle Keaton
Tiff Boyle
Regina Lang
Siboney Corrales
Carina Villalobos
Daniela Osorio
Melissa Unda
Gisella Balanta
Yeye Tung

Gabrielle Keaton,
Professional and fun to work with! makes the shoot very enjoyable whilst producing amazing photos

Laura Hutchinson,
A complete professional through and through, Andrés is so friendly and went out of his way to make myself and the model feel comfortable. He has a fantastic eye for looks and uses light beautifully to create really stunning images. Plus he is super quick getting back to clients and editing the finished photos. A pleasure to work with and I’d recommend HouseCatStudio to anyone

All I can say is wow! Love love love..Impressive shot, the composition is outstanding, this would look great on a large print, so happy with the results. Well done! Thank you

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