Ian Jones of
Industrial Pictures

Woodvale, Western Australia
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  • Clients

    • Empire Oil & Gas
    • Handle Property Group
    • 360 Property Development
    • Shell USA
    • Shell Malaysia
    • Board of Professional Engineers Queensland
    • Eight Ball Truck Driver Training
    • Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue (Pro Bono)
    • Cockburn Volunteer Sea Rescue (Pro Bono)
    • Sarawak State Museum


    • Shell / National Geographic Photo Competition (USA 2003) - Runner Up, theme Diversity
    • Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles Digital Photo Shoot 2003 - Winner
    • Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles Digital Photo Shoot 2004 - 2nd and 3rd Places (photos judged individually)


    Industry Affiliations

    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    Industrial Pictures.

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About this Photographer

Ian & Verma are both Engineers with 18 yrs each in Oil & Gas. Ian also spent several years in Steel and has experience in the following industries: Marine, Agriculture, Tourism, Trucking, Aviation and Rail (Steam).
We are used to working SAFELY in heavy industry around cranes, planes and other mobile plant.
Both of us have extensive WHS/HSE experience.

Ian is also a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and RPEQ as well as a prize winning photographer and both of us have been passionate photographers since childhood.

Our priorities are :
2. Engineering - Interpret the story
3. Then get an artistic impacting shot.

Previous Clients (large & small) include :
Shell USA, Shell Malaysia, Empire Oil (Australia), Queensland Board of Professional Engineers, Handle Property Developers, 360 Property Developers, Eight Ball Truck Driver Training & More

Services Offered
- Engineering Art Photography,
- Corporate / Commercial (People, Offices, Products),
- Technical photography (e.g. Records, Investigations, Due Dilligence, Manuals, JHAs)
- Specialist - Macro, Micro, Probe, Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe Camera / Rental (no shutdown or permit reqd), Time lapse (up to 2 months at a time between servicing).

Video Services?video documentaries, video reports, training videos, short social media videos.

Stock Library
Zone 1 Explosion Proof Camera RENTAL
Training?Basic engineering photography for field hands?Improve the quality of day to day engineering photos, safety,

- Drone Photography - CASA licensed & insured pilot.
- Manned?from helicopter or fixed wing?Ian is experienced aircrew and a trained aerial observer.
- Pole Elevated?9m carbon fibre hand operated and 20m vehicle mounted?for areas where a drone cannot be used. View More...

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