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London Lakes, Tasmania
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  • Joas Souza is a professional photographer based in London Lakes, Tasmania

    A rising talent in London's architectural photography space, Brazilian native Joas Souza is bringing a fresh aesthetic to the art-form he loves, Joas reliably delivers every project with his unique brand of high-quality creativity, leading-edge technical knowledge, inexhaustible resourcefulness and an energetic enthusiasm; but ultimately, he understands the importance of a great brief, and enjoys the collaborative process with his clients to establish the right direction for the diverse range of projects he works on.

    By drawing on the discipline and rigour he was privileged to learn at home, Souza's is a formidable pedigree, his father is one of Brazil's best loved and most widely-praised aerial and industrial photographers, his mother a well established architect; Joas grew up surrounded by prints and plans and was drawn into familial conversations about form, function, beauty and utility at a young age.

    Assisting his father throughout his teenage years, the Souza men ultimately carved up the work between them until the protege developed an appetite for shooting architecture and interiors, a passion which drew him to explore the world's most exciting urban playgrounds - and finally relocate to London where he enjoys full time residency.

    Not long in London, Souza was snapped up by property marketing design studio Citywise who required an in-house photographer to handle their property photography offer. This proved to be the perfect place for Joas to hone his techniques and workflow. The opportunity also helped in acquiring an insider's view into working with brand-led design teams, instilling the awareness that his imagery played a pivotal role within the bigger picture and defined the need for his work to compliment the overall story. Joas quickly became instrumental in cementing photography as one of the key USPs in the Citywise offer, consistently and effectively delivering projects to extremely tight deadlines.

    Opting to go freelance in 2012, Souza has furthered his mission to honour the extraordinary through his work; to reveal the sublime achievements of those who conceive and create ambitious works of art, the architects and artisans who together manifest great structures of steel, stone and glass.

    A tireless perfectionism drives every aspect of Joas' approach, involving exhaustive homework, multiple site visits to see how the changing light interplays with the space, and a willing resourcefulness to climb, explore and find new angles that others overlook. Combined with this knowledge of physical light, Joas obsessively makes time to understand the tools of his trade, being able to quickly assess the parameters of the shoot and capture the required shots with perfect timing. Being schooled in the strict analogue tradition of film, Souza holds himself to exacting standards at the outset of each project... this means reading the space properly, finding the composition whilst in situ and using only the most minor postproduction techniques later.

    With his incredibly crisp and powerful signature style, Joas has caught the eye of businesses and brands who trade on the same kind of premise: that details matter, whether in commercial or residential markets. His is a kind of proud perfection that captures the essence of a breathtaking structure and translates it into an image.

    Joas has photographed a multitude of iconic structures, including Madame Tussauds, the Barbican and La Defense in Paris, but can just as easily train his eye on more intimate projects; Savills enlist him to showcase their top suite of properties to make sure potential buyers grasp the quality on first glance. Other notable clients include Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Candy & Candy, Maybourne Hotel Group, Savills, Ford Motors Brazil, Derwent London, Bedford Estates, Latitude Investments and Prestbury Investment Holdings. Publications featuring his work include Digital SLR Magazine, Photography Monthly Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, London Property Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine and Fotografe Melhor Magazine.

    Keeping himself busy with a multitude of personal photography projects, including his recent study of the Brutalist buildings such as the Barbican Estate and Bafron Tower, when he's not behind the lens you'll find Joas riding his motorbike across the world!

    Recently named one to watch by US Adorama, you can learn more about Joas Souza here View More...


    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners , Candy & Candy , Maybourne Hotel Group , Savills , Ford Motors Brazil , Derwent London , Bedford Estates , Latitude Investments , Prestbury Investment Holdings , Etc.


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    Architectural photography in London Lakes, TAS, Aerial/Drone photography in London Lakes, TAS

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