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Port Macquarie, New South Wales
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    • National Art School - Bachelor of Fine Arts (honour), Photography Major
    • Joel Corrigan Memorial Photography Award (NAS) - Excellence in Photography.
    • University of Newcastle - Graduate Diploma in Education (secondary)



    Tracie Hartley ,
    “We were drawn towards the natural photographic style of Little Glimpses and booked a session with Jade, hoping she could capture the personalities of our children and the way in which they interact. We are absolutely thrilled with the final images which will be treasured in our family for years to come. They are an honest representation of our children at this moment in their precious. Jade is a true professional with a wonderful, relaxed manner. She really understands the challenges of working with children. We could not be happier. Thank you Little Glimpses!”

    Jenni & Clay,
    After procrastinating for years, always waiting for the perfect time, we finally booked a family portrait session with Little Glimpses. The initial worry about the weather forecast and choosing outfits was soon forgotten when we met with Jade and explored the beautiful location she had suggested. Jade’s relaxed nature and conversation made us all feel at ease and less camera-shy. During an afternoon of smiling, laughter and love, Jade captured our beautiful family moments. We will treasure these images forever and our only regret is that we had not done this sooner. Thank you Jade.

    Ashleigh & Duncan,
    Our day was everything we hoped for and more. Little Glimpses photography captured all of our precious memories of our big day through the most heartfelt, creative and unique way that reflected who we were as a couple. I loved the way they were able to capture all the little moments throughout the day to create OUR very own story. Our favourite aspect of their work, was their ability to be so prompt in addressing our concerns by interviews and many emails prior to the day. They were able to Iron out all the details that every bride leading up to their wedding finds stressful. Jade and her colleague were quick to create a mood that was very natural and relaxed on the morning of our wedding. With all the chaos of pre wedding duties, to the bundle of nerves leading up to the ceremony, the celebration of a reception to the personal portraits of us as a couple, Jade was able to capture all the emotion and warmth from start to finish. It was a very exciting time when we received our wedding package. We were so thrilled with the fine detail, love and sentiment captured in every photo. Still we have friends and family who ask who our photographer was. As we lived 5 hours away from Port Macquarie, we found out about Little Glimpses by the Internet. Her Website was very inviting and once we spoke on the phone – It was a done deal. Thank you Little Glimpses for creating our special memories that will last a life time.

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About this Photographer

Based in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW, we specialize in wedding and portrait photography. Our sessions are all about connection. The authentic, real moments between people who love each other the fun, laughter, and cuddles. Unscripted moments that occur when you have meaningful time together, being present in the moment.

Little glimpses portrait sessions are very relaxed and fun. As each family or couple are totally unique I approach each session in a very open manner, allowing them to unfold naturally. There is no sitting and posing for the camera instead we may have cuddle, play a game, throw stones in the water, or go for an adventure - it really depends on how the session unfolds.

Sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home, or out at a location of your choice. The options on the mid north coast are endless an intimate beach, the tranquil forest, a peaceful park, the locations are infinite. If you would like help choosing where to have your session, let me know the look you were wanting and I can suggest some of my favourite places.

For our weddings we are there to tell the story of your day as it unfolds - capturing the both the big moments, but also the intimate quite moments that happen in-between.

Who ever it is you hold dear, I would love to capture your story. Contact us at [email protected] or 0402141981
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