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Wishart, Queensland
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  • Montique Rapson is a professional photographer based in Wishart, Queensland

    I recently started my own photography business. Why you ask? Well its simple, I love what I do. It's such an amazing career. I get to meet so many different types of people. I get to photograph the most amazing personalities and I love seeing people smile, be happy and be a little silly as well. It's in those moments that you see the true beauty of that person. The best of all is that you get to capture a perfect moment that would be other wise lost forever if it was not for the photograph. It is a memory that will last forever.

    {A Little About Me}

    Hi there... My name is Monique. I am from South Africa and moved to Australia in 2008 with my hubby (who I have been blessed to be married to since August 2010). We have 2 beautiful girls that have brought us more joy and excitement in our lives than we could ever have imagined.

    I believe in capturing moments as they happen. My style is natural and vibrant. I love capturing new memories of fresh, little ones as well as connections & relationships in families, special occasions such as weddings and celebrations. I am an on-location photographer and I do some directing and posing, but when it comes to children I like to allow them the freedom to be themselves - to explore, laugh, and to let their personalities shine. I view each photograph I take as a gift - a single, captured moment.

    I think getting to know your photographer is just as important as getting to know my clients. I don't want to just show up and snap a few photos of you and your family and never hear from you again. I want to build a relationship with you and your children so they trust me and remember me. I want pictures to be fun, silly and not something that is stressful. I want to capture the essence of your child and create memories that you are proud to hang on your walls.

    My favorite quote is: "Life is too short to be anything but happy. Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets and forget the past with the exception of what you have learned and remember that everything happens for a reason."

    Although this is my job and business, it is my passion first and I absolutely love the privilege of traveling alongside people in their journeys. The events are special for sure, but I can honestly say that its the people that I treasure the most.

    If I am photographing your engagement shoot, I hope to be there for your wedding, your first baby, all your other babies after that, your 25th wedding anniversary and everything in between. I have built really special and close relationships with my clients and I consider them friends.

    I will sometimes chat your ear off at your sessions so be prepared. I sometimes forget that you have only just met me and do sometimes talk like we have been best friends for a long time. (I apologize ahead of time). So I can't wait to meet you, and make new friends. View More...


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    Wedding photography in Wishart, QLD, Family photography in Wishart, QLD, Baby/Children photography in Wishart, QLD, Event photography in Wishart, QLD

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    Raad Aljawi

    November 6th, 2016
    Monique is great person, she lives the moment and share the happiness with you. Moreover, extremely sensitive and charismatic and above all very understandable for individual privacy. She knows how to take and save distinct moments that are difficult for eyes to see. Every time when we look at the pictures we felt like we are living that moment again. Monique is not dealing with photography as "just a job", instead she's making memories, and what memories:).

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    Had an amazing day with Kiki Smiles Photography Monique did a great job taking beautifully creative photos of our baby. Prior to the photo session, she was kind enough to ask about what I wanted and how I visualized the photos to be. We had a long chain of emails discussing poses and props and how we wanted it to be. She was very flexible and happy to include all our ideas and take amazing photos. We are really happy with how the photos came out. Simply put, Monique is fab. My baby was a bit difficult to work with. Still she was very patient to work around him, got him to warm up and captured some great poses and stunning camera angles. Loved working with Monique. The experience was incredibly enjoyable and I would highly recommend this for any family wishing to capture and create memories. I can't wait to have some of them printed, framed and put my baby album together. Thanks again Kiki Smiles Photography. We will be back soon.


    Monique covered 3 of our events and we're very happy with all the photos that she clicked and sent. She's professional yet friendly and open to ideas and suggestions. She also comes with a number of ideas, props which is awesome. It'll be a pleasure having her for more events in the future


    Montique was amazing, very professional and made sure we got all the shots that we wanted and recommended others that I didn't even think of. She provided us with a sneak peek the same day and I was very impressed with what I saw. Communication throughout the whole process was also great and professional. Thanks heaps I will be using you again for any other events that I have

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