Kamontip Duanguam of
Darwin Photography & Make Up Artist

Darwin, Northern Territory

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Hi there, thank you for visiting "Darwin Photography & Makeup Artist" feel free to like my page and to follow my work and my goal is bringing high quality Photography to you for a reasonable price.
I adore photography as the best tool to capture precious moment in time, I love looking through my old photographs and thinking back at my previous life, as it shows who I am today and with 15 years experience in photography I still find myself learning more about it every day. Naturally I use these skills to make every shoot with you an unforgettable experience with lifelong memories.
I offer packages to fit all your requirements for kids, family, newborn, maternity, fashion portrait, couple, engagement, wedding, party or other event.
For those apprehensive about the application of makeup, I offer this service too. Iā??ve done a lot of makeup, paid and unpaid to gain further experience for many years and I know exactly how to make you look good in a photograph. I only using high quality products that are accepted by makeup artists worldwide.
About me;
My Name is Kamontip Duanguam or Nongi for short, I migrated from Bangkok, Thailand to Darwin 6 years ago, now married with two beautiful children, Evelyn & Jaxon.
I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Journalism & Photography. Studies included, learning obviously Photography, editing techniques, writing for publishing and Television. Dream come true after University became a Journalist for major network in Bangkok, Nation Multimedia. In my free time, I did a lot Landscaping and Street Photography, being the flavour at the moment.
After relocating to Darwin, I developed more of an interest in Portrait Photography. I left my work and become a full-time mummy and started working adhoc assisting people with their photography and makeup needs. Due to increasing demand and the costs of maintaining imported cosmetics and high end digital photographic equipment decided to I start my business. So while you help me to enjoy what I live doing and expand my skills, I can supply you with the highest quality product and service you desire and for that I thank you.
My style photography;
I love outdoor locations around the Top End and adore natural light settings. My aim is to bring out your natural character as well as capture the emotions for years of reflection.

How I work;
During consultation, donā??t be surprised if I question what you will be wearing for the event, I want to make sure your look will perfect and matched with the location, and please I thrive on your ideas and any special request you have.
During the shoot, we will walk around and find desirable areas. Letā??s have some fun this is an enjoyable time want to pull faces? Or strike a pose? Thatā??s fine Iā??m accommodating, but Iā??m also serious with my work and want the very best for you.
After the shoot comes editing, part of work that my clients donā??t see. I spend a good many hours on processing images for you. Everything will be high resolution from a full-frame camera upon a CD thatā??s ready to print or canvas or photobook. While I do edit each photo I always maintain the way you look without changing you to the different person.

Please visit my website www.photography-makeup.com.au if you have any enquiry or email me directly through my website please.

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