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Paul Arnold

Darwin, Northern Territory
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    Karen March 3, 2014

    Stunning, iconic images of the Territory.
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    Karen March 3, 2014

    Stunning, iconic images of the Territory.
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'Paul's work is not so much about the art of the photograph, it's about the love of the bush"

Paul Arnold photographs are as iconic as the Northern Territory landscape is unique. Internationally renowned, and locally revered, no other photographer understands or experiences the Territory with such a depth of passion.

Long before he picked up a camera, Paul was a passionate bushman. The roads he has travelled criss-cross the Territory like a sprawling spider web, barely a track un-explored.
Paul's passion for the bush enables him to recreate not just what he sees, but what he feels. He spends days, or even weeks, watching the light, colours and textures of the landscape and its wildlife unfold before capturing its beauty. I know the bush, that's what I know, and that's the challenge, to photograph the bush in its natural light. I just wait for the right light you would be amazed what you can do if you just sit.

Viewing the camera as little more than a recording device, it is experiencing and sharing the land that is the driving force of Paul's work. Behind each of Paul's images is a tale of his adventures in his bush office; stories of near misses and extraordinary experiences where he has managed to get himself and the people he runs into on the road out of sticky situations, with little more than a few cable ties, some elbow grease, and a determined attitude.
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