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Wallsend, New South Wales

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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." -Aristotle 343 BC

Hi My name is Paul I'm a Newcastle based Photographer. I was introduced to the insane world of fashion photography through my 13 year involvement in the fashion, music and surfing industry where I worked. While I was involved in the Miss Australia Fashion shows, I had arranged a photographer to take photographs of the models after the parade. I was assisting him and I was totally blown away by the experience and the art he produced.I knew from that point onwards that that was what I wanted to do.
I traded a mate for his second hand Leica which was my first camera, I learnt to photograph using traditional film cameras, learning how to read light and discover how light reacts to film including development techniques. Now in the digital age I have mastered Photoshop and edit all my own work on it, creating some artistic and edgy images to suit the clients needs

More Recently I have been heavily involved in the Hair Styling Industry and have photographed at the Australian Hair Expo at Darling harbor and had my work published in Style and GQ Magazines as well as the American Crew Face of.I have been a member of the Newcastle Photographic Society for many tears and have won many awards and contests throughout the area for my work

I love the whole process of taking photographs, from when an idea first comes into my head, the planning, working with designers, stylists, other creative talents and the collaboration and getting to know the subject right up to the final post editing stage. The whole process is totally addictive to me. My mind is always thinking of the next project. It is not simply about taking photographs, for me it is about creating images that tell a story, to make your mind think about what is the image really saying. Over the years I have developed my own creative style, not following others, rather walking down my own road, my work has been described by other colleagues as a mix between Toulouse Lautrec and Helmut Newton I like to create images that get people talking.

Your wedding day is a celebration of friendship and love, of family history and dreams for the future. As your wedding photographer, I will form a storybook of memories that is your special day. A photographic exposé of your family and friends, the special moments, the giggling flower girls, the mother of the bride's tears, the mischievous exchange between the groom and his best man, the stolen glance between the bride and groom
Your photographs will be your most tangible reminders of your special day and will be appreciated for generations to come.

Ranging from newborn babies to corporate through to Glamour shots and nudes. PS photography has a small studio in Newcastle where all studio sessions are shot. For an alternative to the studio,if you are after a more casual look we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful and beaches vast Sandhills and parks and urban settings

Archival quality Heritage Photographic Recording
I have produced numerous Archival quality Photographic Recordings of heritage buildings to the strict requirements of the NSW Heritage office which are held at the Library of NSW and local councils throughout NSW

Architectural/ Real Estate
I have worked with local Architecture firms to produce images for displays and publications

Corporate Photography
All aspects of corporate photography including Personal and products

Hair styles and contests
Events ,Surfing, Rodeo, Triathlons

I let my images speak for themselves in publications and in competitions. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I like creating it View More...

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