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    My partner and I have had a wonderful experience on both photo shoots with Pennie Hall. Pennie photographed our daughter Ruby-Mae for her newborn shots and her first birthday cake smash shots and in both sessions Ruby was not all that keen for photos. Pennie had the patience and took the time to make sure we got the shots we wanted and we wouldn't be happier with our photos, we have many of them hanging in our home. I look forward to her photographing our family as it grows.

    Pennie Hall photography illustrates professionalism while capturing the most precious moments in time. A truly valuable photographer in which my family will use many times throughout the years to come. The incredible images captured by Pennie are cherished and we thank Pennie for sharing her wonderful talent with us.

    I had seen some ‘Pennie Hall Photography’ photos pop up in my Facebook news feed. I thought the very first photo I saw by Pennie was stunning so I ‘liked’ her Facebook page. Over the next few months I saw several photos by Pennie and I simply loved every single one. I thought she was very talented and photos were beautiful. In April I discovered I was pregnant and one of my first thoughts was – ‘I’m going to get some Pennie Hall Photos!’ I was so adamant about not missing out on Pennie taking photos of my baby, that I contacted her over 4 months before my baby’s due date. Pennie was very professional. She responded quickly to my requests. Her website was easy to navigate and set out the prices very clearly. Her website also offered more ‘samples’ of her work. Pennie directed me to this part of her website and encouraged me to have a look to get a feel for how I might like my newborn photographed. Pennie was amazing, especially as we were working with ‘no fixed date’ as I had no idea when my baby would grace the world with her presence! Pennie remained in contact with me throughout my pregnancy, and touched base close to my due date. My daughter, Ivy was born only three weeks before Christmas – a very busy time of the year. Pennie was able to move her busy schedule around in order to make sure Ivy was photographed at a time to get the best newborn photos. As if beautiful photos and professionalism are not enough, watching Pennie work took my respect for her to another level. Pennie was patient, kind and very talented. She knew how to get the baby into the best poses. Pennie’s use of backdrops and props was perfect. She has a great eye for what looks great. Pennie was gentle and caring with my precious newborn baby. She made me feel very at ease while she was working with baby Ivy. And then I got my photos. The photos are so gorgeous, it’s hard to put into words. They evoked so much emotion I cried when I saw them. Even now, some 6 weeks later, I still get emotional. I am yet to see any photos that compare to Pennies. Her photos are right up there with the best I’ve seen. I just wish I was able to have photos taken by Pennie of my other children from the time they were born. As I told Pennie at the photo shoot – I would have paid more money to get the quality of photos that she takes. I have recommended Pennie to other expectant mothers. One of my friends contacted Pennie straight away to book her own session, as she was so impressed with the photos Pennie took of my baby and her siblings. I love showing my photos to everyone. And everyone has the same response – they think the photos are stunning and ask me who took the photos. I very proudly tell them the photos are by Pennie Hall Photography, that she is amazing and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! I cannot wait to use Pennie again to photograph my children in the future. Thank you Pennie. The photos you took are breathtakingly beautiful.

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About this Photographer

Pennie Hall Photography is a Portrait Photographer specialising in newborn, family & maternity photographs. Located in Broken Hill NSW, Pennie photographs outdoors and in her centrally located studio.
Whether your looking for candid, natural family photos, timeless photographs of your precious baby, capturing the beauty of pregnancy or something else, Pennie can help you every step of the way to create beautiful artworks through her photography. View More...

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