Marco Marroni of Photography Studio Marroni Shortlist Photographer

Ascot Vale, Victoria
4.5 out of 5

Marco & Kate are a loving photographer team, capturing each of their weddings as a couple together. They are in love with what they do and strive every day to fulfil and exceed each couple's expectations. With their motto: "You never stop learning" they continue their path through the photography world and always on the search to offer new products for their couples to chose from, like their amazing Photo App, which you can receive within 48h after your wedding or handcrafted Italian Wedding Albums. Together they complement each other to combine their home country's strength of Italian Art and German Engineering, packed with lots of fun and photojournalism style to ensure that you can enjoy your wedding day without being stressed and posed all day.
Fiona & Stephen
Natalie & Peter
Annemarie & Damien
Rachele & Massimo
Alison & Benjamin
Giulia & Luca
Monika & Matteo
Emma & Jacob
Alice & Albert
Lisa & Andrea
Angel & Luca
Rita & Terry
Akii & Jason
Bridie & Umut
Giulia & Alessio
Julia & Leo
Taren & Matt
Elaine & Josh
Jess & Anthony
Sam & Alex
Adela & David
Triona & Ash
Michela & Michele
Giulia & Frank
Krista & Matt
Raji & Rajeev
Simona & Carlo
Sam & Mil
Emra & Vaibhav
Francesca & Emanuele
Sandra & Duncan
Jennifer & Alan
Roslind & Tristan
Vashti & Vito
Belinda & Manuel
Azra & Ben
Ornella & Vincenzo
Alicia & Dante
Andrea & Niall
Dominick & Daniella
Elda & Alessandro
Sara & Fabio
Cassie & Irwin
Tiffany & Raphael
Cherise & David
Francesca & Andrea
Francesca & Gennaro
Janice & Luke
Sharni & Lorenzo
Laura & Mauro
Valentina & Leonardo
Daniela & Bruno
Elisa & Marco
Joanna & Dave
Francesca & Gaetano
Valentina & Fernando
Pixy & Tim
Silvia & Silvio
Pamela & Diego
and many more.....
Industry Affiliations
AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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