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Thornbury, Victoria
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    Photos By Roberta.

  • Clients

    • Schoolsnaps - Portrait photographer
    • Creation Landscape Fremantle - Commercial photographer
    • Australasian Maritime Institute - Commercial photographer
    • Partystar - Venue photographer
    • E-Shed Markets Fremantle - Events photographer
    • Branch Marketing Agency - Commercial photographer
    • Emily - Wedding photographer
    • Big Kiss Media agency (Qantas for Perth) - Landscape
    • Wedding Expos Australia - Event Photographer
    • Jason Murch, raggae musician - Portrait Photographer
    • Children's Organisation of SouthEast Asia - Humanitarian photographer
    • Roberto's Barbeque - Event Photographer
    • Alexandra Windsor - Portrait photographer (graduation)


    • Selected for One Planet exhibition at the Fremantle City Hall (WA)
    • Selected for solo permanent exhibition at Barque Restaurant - Fremantle (WA)


    Jason Murch, Jason Murch
    I was really feeling comfortable in my photo shoot with Roberta. It was my first time and she make me feel very comfortable. She's very nice and professional

    Deborah, Wedding Expos Australia
    Roberta was the main photographer covering the Wedding Expos Australia in Perth. She really captured the vibe of the event and she showed a really good talent.

    Industry Affiliations

    • APS - Australian Photographic Society
  • Event Photography

    Food Photography

    Landscape Photography

    Portrait Photography

  • Reviews

    No Reviews Yet

    Be the first to let others know about your experience with
    Photos By Roberta.

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About this Photographer

It's been 13 years since I started travel photography. I moved to Australia in 2013 to find myself and I started studying photography professionally. I love street, cultural, travel and humanitarian photography. I like discovering the many differences, expressions and stories that make up humanity. When I started traveling, I realized that I love discovering cultures and traditions. I am passionate about human rights, cultural issues, women and children's rights. I am pursuing photography professional with the goal of bring these issues to the attention of the public. I feel I am a young soul, and I am excited and curious about other people. Photography introduces me to new people, as fascinating subjects who can make pictures talk, with just the power of a gesture or a look.

I have been working with diverse clients, including musicians posing for album covers, university students posing for graduation photos, professional head shots for Linkedin profile photos, and photo documentaries for NGO's fighting against human trafficking in Thailand. I am a natural leader, and all my clients can testify about how I make them comfortable in front of the camera. I enjoy getting to know people, learning about what they do and what are their interests. I take pleasure in showing their emotions and strength in my pictures.

I am a photographer because I like diversity in life. Photography channels my energy and my emotion by expressing my vision through colors, lines, contrasts and perspective.
The way I take photos is more about story telling. I love symbolism, and I often shoot objects that gives me a sense of the space or felling of the moment. I like also candid photos of people and process them in high contrast, so the pictures can express the emotion of the moment.
I always try to understand the place where I am and create a story in my head. I notice details that can instill the experience I have in the moment. Photography to me means sharing my vision and my world with other people, trying to make other people understand the place where I have been, try to make a difference and make people think. View More...

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