Satoru Kramer of Propelled Pictures Shortlist Photographer

Bermagui, New South Wales
4 out of 5

I capture beautiful, unexpected aerial imagery of properties, places and events, helping people to capture the big stories and milestones in their lives.

I work with people on projects that foster big-hearted vibes. On any given day, that might be sharing in grand declarations of love and other big life moments. It might be encouraging businesses to thrive with creative social strategies. It could be showcasing the beauty of our natural landscapes and the attractions to be found within.
It could be helping people imagine their lives in the dream property they're looking for.

Whatever it may be, Iâ??m a big believer in collaboration, respectful feel-good enterprise, preparation and safety.

Iâ??m known to question the status quo â?? I love finding new opportunities to be innovative and creative.

Both business and creative pursuits led me to build Propelled Pictures

Iâ??ve explored a few paths; managing the European distribution centre for a global company, a logistics consultant, and a web developer. My a-ha moment came though, when I discovered the incredible imagery I could create with a drone. With a background in music, film and a love for photography, travel and cutting-edge tech, it seems only natural that my days are now filled by the whirring sounds of propellers, beautiful subjects, creating still and moving pictures for people.
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