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Highgate, Western Australia
4.5 out of 5

Premium provider of photography services for a wide range of Residential and Commercial Real Estate services.

This service is also suited for private sellers, interior decorators, as well as various providers of short-term accommodation, such as hotels and bed & breakfasts.

Proper Photography is owned and operated by Real Estate Photographer Kamil Bednarik who will bring expertise, exceptional customer service, attention to detail and creative vision to your project.

With a passion for design, Perth living and photography, Kamil will bring your properties to life and help you achieve the outcomes you deserve!
Caporn Young

Laurie Kelly


Varga Realty

WB Real Estate


Home 2 Home


Label Realty Group

Equity Focus

K & A Realty

Gateway Residential WA

We are proud to have been awarded the BEST OF HOUZZZ (2016) award for excellence in customer service. Proper Photography was selected from a community of more than 35 million users worldwide, including 1.4 million in Australia.

Helen, Caporn Young
Hi Kamil, I just wanted to say a big thanks for doing such a lovely job of the photo shoot at (address). Kind regards, Helen

Stefanie, Laurie Kelly
Well you have a talent my friend, very lucky to found you and we are already seeing benefits from happy owners having great advertising on their homes! Kind Regards, Stef

Patricia, Caporn Young
Hi Kamil, Just wanted to provide you with some feedback. I have heard from a number of team members that they find your services very good and are happy to continue to book photography through you.

Industry Affiliations
AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Real Estate Photography
Event Photography
Corporate/Industrial Photography
Food Photography
Automotive Photography
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