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RockaDolls TIme Warp Makeovers And Photography

Margate, Tasmania

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RockaDolls Time Warp Makeovers and Photography

Located at the iconic Margate Train, 20 minutes south of Hobart Tasmania, RockaDolls Time Warp Makeovers and Photography was established in June 2013 and is solely owned and operated by me, Miss Billie Rocka.

I hold a Certificate 4 in Business Management and I have over 10 years of extensive training and experience in hair and makeup styling, having completed several intensive workshops and classes, also boasting a portfolio of work including music films, weddings, leavers dinners, themed parties and many other special events.

I have had a strong passion for Rockabilly, Vintage and Pinup themes, hairstyling, makeup, fashion and photography for over 7 years.

For me, this is a way of life.
I would love to share some of it with you.

My goal is to make women feel beautiful, no matter what size or shape they are, and revive the classic fashion styles that marked the revolution which gave women their confidence and independence in the twentieth century.

I hope for you to spend the time you have with me at RockaDolls feeling like a Pinup Queen - Glamorous, sexy, confident and "LOVING THE SKIN YOU ARE IN" - not forgetting the silly giggles and fun you are guaranteed to have as you pose for your photo shoot! RockaDolls offers you a safe, completely judgement free environment to experiment and play dress ups for a day.

Take a step back in time as you walk into my studio and witness my huge collection of vintage props and furniture at your disposal!

Allow me to do a traditional makeup application, along with a perfect vintage hair style to match. You may have full use of my extensive collection of costumes, shoes and accessories. I also offer you full wardrobe styling guidance; perhaps choosing a large flower, scarf or hair bow to complement your new RockaDolls look and of course some clip-on earrings and a petticoat!

Once Transformed a professional photography session awaits you. I will offer you full posing guidance and show you some fun facial expressions.

Your photographs will then be carefully edited, and you will receive your un-watermarked photographs on disk, ready to print at your leisure and treasure forever!

You can contact me via my facebook page or email [email protected]
Or make online bookings directly by following this link - View More...

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