Nicholas Chen of
Rojaking Photography

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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About this Photographer

Good day,

While I'am here in Canberra for study, I also offer my freelance photography service. Having 3 years of experience in this industry is hell lot of fun - meeting different people, experiencing all kinds of shoots, refining my skills - those are moments are truly value in this part time career.

Enter my website to see my past shoots -->

Your photography service starts from $110/hr, which covers any of the type of shoot below:

1) Weddings
2) Corporate dinner
3) Art Exhibitions and performances
4) Sports
5) Birthday celebrations
6) Interior Photography

All soft copies of photos will be edited and transfered to you. It is also my practice to provide you up to 70 photos per hour, fully edited.

For services enquiries, kindly contact me at 0421 702 384 or Whatsapp me at 9819 1972. If I do not pick up your call, feel free to email me at [email protected] I'll get back to you shortly !

Look forward to hear from you !

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