Rusty Ink Shortlist Photographer

Townsville, Queensland
4.5 out of 5

I am geared toward, but not limited to Sporting Events.
Taking that "next" shot that differs from the last is my goal.
Partaking in events keeps me fit but sometimes hampers my events as my eye is always looking out for that "next" shot...
Check out the handful of shots attached, I hope you like them :)
Beat The Bastard
Black River Rush
Boost Fitness NQ
Outer Limits Adventure Fitness
Townsville Tri Club
XPD Townsville
Townsville Photomarathon Winner 2015 (That's why I like you Townsville - Catergory)

Rochelle, Queensland Country Health Fund
The calendars look awesome, thanks so much!

Brooke, Competitor
Thanks so much! We really enjoyed the day and love the photos!

Dean, Black River Rush
Yeah awesome mate, - got them ! Thanks very much, another great job ! Thanks Rusty

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