Don Bopearachchi of
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Aubin Grove, Western Australia
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About this Photographer

I am a event photographer based in Perth, I record your life moments from a special creative angle, and create love memories with passion.
Photography is much more than a job for me. The camera helps me meet amazing people in the world, I love it...

Event photography Perth.

Press Conferences
Networking Events
Theme Parties
Product Launches
VIP Events
Award Ceremonies
Family Events
Fashion shoots
Product photography
and many more ...


Hourly rate: $/hour*

1 Hour: $100

2 Hours: $130

3 Hours: $150

4+ Hours : $40 per hour


Stunning fully edited photos

High resolution photos for print

Low resolution photos for social media sharing i.e. Facebook

-Photo shoot at your venue/venues by 1 professional photographer using Canon 5D Mark III camera, variety of lenses (for those creative shots) and basic lighting setup.

- approximately 50 photographs per hour. All saved in digital format (jpeg and raw) on DVD or transferred to customer storage media (total amount of photos depends on the duration of the booking).


Printing photos/albums is available - please enquire.

Have some nice memories of your family, or special moments at any time you want.We are very passionate about being a part of your special day and pride ourselves in capturing all those special moments.


Wedding Photographer
Family Photographer
Birthday Photographer
Maternity Photographer
Newborn Photographer
Fashion Photographer
Advertising Photographer
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