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North Bondi, New South Wales
4.5 out of 5
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    Real Estate Photography

  • Sunlit Media is a professional photographer based in North Bondi, New South Wales

    Creators of bespoke, creative, quality and innovative images. Delivered through relationship driven partnerships that strive towards individualised excellence.

    Our work is produced collaboratively by our crew who between them cover all aspects of property marketing. By combining our specialist skills and individual strengths we have what it takes to get the best result for every project. You get individual attention, dedicated commitment and over 40 years combined industry knowledge harnessed to deliver a customised campaign. When we get together nothing can stand in our way.

    Values - More than just a mission our values are the defining heart of our organisation. We believe they are a big part of what separates us in the industry. If youve worked with us before, you would have seen the passion and dedication to our craft and partners.

    Passion - We give everything we can to our partners, colleagues and company.

    In our world every interaction is an opportunity to provide value which we take and execute with enthusiasm and passion.

    We strive to surprise and delight our partners by seeking that WOW effect.

    We go the extra mile in everything we do day in, day out.

    We believe taking actions to do this produces mutually beneficial solutions that work for the individual needs of each partner and facilitates greater engagement within our own business.

    Work ethic - We approach every opportunity with enthusiasm and creative energy. We are our own motivation. We anticipate, and take ownership for the success of ourselves, our partners and their clients.

    We take every opportunity for improvement and act immediately. We do not wait to be asked to do something: we see it, we do it. Every action is taken with intent to improve and grow.

    Design - The source of our energy and the definition of our work, Sunlits design philosophy is defined by a unique creativity built upon our bespoke approach to every element.

    We do not provide mere images, we produce compelling customised narratives through our comprehensive range of products. We believe in the power of our work to not only enhance but to define campaigns according to the individual goals of each of our partners.

    Innovation - We are never satisfied with simply achieving excellence, we are in pursuit of a better way. We desire an unrelenting drive to go beyond the status quo.

    Our size gives us the agility required to be a market leader in experimenting and delivering new products and reinvigorating the tried and true. We seek creative efficacy that drives productivity and produces growth.

    Relationships - Our business is relationships. The relationship between ourselves, our partners and their clients. We understand that meaningful relationships make us healthier, happier and more productive.

    We believe that businesses with the strongest connection have access to competitive advantages that those who lack connection miss out on.

    Because the more people you are able to positively influence, the more potential you open up, our campaigns are built around establishing real and meaningful relationships between our partners and their clients.

    This is our difference, our strength and our commitment to you. View More...


    Balmain Group , Balmain Realty , McGrath Coogee , McGrath Mosman , Action Plans , All Things Building , Sotherby's Internation , Luxcon Group , Laing + Simmons , LJ Hooker , Raywhite , Richardson & Wrench , Belle Property


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    Aerial/Drone photography in North Bondi, NSW, Real Estate photography in North Bondi, NSW

    Industry Affiliations

    AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    Testimonials Submitted by the photographer

    Michael Stavrianos, Local Agency Co

    "We have been using Sunlit Media Services for over 5 years now and highly recommend Will and his team. We have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and quality of their work is of an extremely high standard. Will and his team ensures they provide you with their best work every single time. All of our clients love his work and it makes our life so much easier - quick reliable exceptional service. Give Sunlit Media a go - you will wish you called them earlier!"

    Patrick Toner / Edith Bracken, All Things Building

    ‘’Experts with real estate photography. All Things Building have now worked with them to photograph over 10 of our completed home renovations. Has a keen eye, a great sense of style and understands the details of what we’re trying to capture at each home.’’

    Matthew Nesbitt, Luxcon Group

    “Professional and highly skilled photographer, we engaged his company to shoot some past projects of our buildings for award submissions and online advertising of off the plan projects. The quality of the images was so good that in fact some prospective buyers were shocked to learn that they weren’t computer generated images and in fact were the apartments being advertised which is about as big a compliment a developer can receive. They look at all aspects of a shoot that will deliver the best outcome including timing the shoot to occur at the best time of day and has an excellent understanding of what the end customer ultimately wants to see. William has been a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to a lucrative relationship to come.”

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