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Photographers.com.au is a user generated Photographers directory where people can search, find and hire the services of a Photographer. Focusing predominantly in Australia, Photographers.com.au allows users to search via several different forms, quick links to categories, free form entry and geographic location.

We know how hard it can be to find the right photographer, that's why at Photographers.com.au we have created an equal playing field for all photographers to be compared by you, making your job of finding a photographer easier! And with our unique feedback rating system Photographers.com.au makes it easier for you to choose a reputable photographer.

Photographers.com.au covers all areas of Australia, including photographers from the following cities; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

Photographers.com.au caters for all your Photography needs including Photographers for the following categories: Advertising, Animals/Wildlife/Nature, Corporate/Industrial, Erotica, Event, Fashion, Model Composites, Nude, Portraiture, Product/Studio, Still-Life, Public Relations/Events and of course Wedding Photographers.

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Our Team

This is our small, but soon to be growing, team at Photographers.com.au:

David Lye (Co-Founder)

David has been invovled in the car industry for many years, and heavily invovled in domain name investment and development which presented him with the opportunity to buy Photographers.com.au. David is the sales and marketing arm of the operation, top class schmoozer, and a keen amateur photographer.

Mark Lye (Co-Founder)

Mark (David's brother if you hadn't guessed!) is the geek involved, with a past life in System Architecture, now more development. If something breaks on the website - it is his fault! Whilst not surfing the internet, Mark can be found surfing the waves in Sydney - and is equally good at both!

Dave Steele (Operations)

Dave is the operations guru at Photographers.com.au, with a solid history in processes and business development, Dave is the man to get it done!

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