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I have grown up surrounded by pets of all kinds - dogs, cats, horses, budgies, m...
The Photo Mosaics Group is a team of Brisbane-based photography & videography sp...
Based in Sydney, I have traveled the world extensively photographing in some of ...
A photo of a blue banded bee I took led me to a path of discovery. I began resea...
Showing 1 - 24 of 304

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Wildlife Photography

Beautiful sunsets, on location photo safari shoots and a wide range of natural photographic challenges await wildlife photographers.Wildlife Photographers may have to wake hours before the sunrise in order to hike to the top of a mountain crest in order to capture the morning sun’s glory. Wildlife and nature photographers require patience, a skilled eye and often a good deal of physical activity to take the perfect shot.

Animal photographers may also take jobs photographing farm animals for sales advertisements as well as portraits of family pets as it has becoming increasingly popular to have one's cat or dog photographed.

The life of a wildlife photographer (animal photographer) is inherently filled with excitement. You may not think very often about the importance of a wildlife photographer, but they are a very important to the world. The reason is because not many get the opportunity to go out into the wild and photograph the animal kingdom.

Other than going to the zoo or watching Animal Planet, wildlife photographers (animal photographers) are the reason we know what the animal kingdom looks like in their natural habitat. We don’t have to go to China to catch a glimpse of a white tiger; all we need to do is search for a photo. And even if you can’t afford to go on an African Safari and capture your own photos of lions hanging out with their pride, but you can go there with the help of wildlife photographers (animal photographers).

If you would like to get a good idea of what wildlife photographers in Australia can offer, take a look at the websites listed below. You’ll be sure to find something that interests you; and who knows, you might even discover you have a favorite among all the wildlife photographers listed on the sites below.

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