Anthony Fretwell of Fretwell Photography Shortlist Photographer

Sydney, New South Wales
4.5 out of 5

Anthony Fretwell is a Sydney-based photographer who specialises in
architectural, industrial and interior design photography.

He holds a current green card and a working with heights certificate allowing him to work on building sites throughout Australia.

He offers his clients a combination of 30 years experience, expertise, creativity
and professionalism to produce striking images that meets their specific brief and requirements.

Anthony is also an accomplished photographer of aerial views and panoramas,
fine art works, and a wide range of products - from furniture to scientific instruments. In addition he is an accredited Heritage NSW photographer.
AW Edwards P/L
DEM Aust P/L
FDC Building Services P/L
Hassell Architects
HSBC Bank Australia Ltd
Incorp Consulting Services
New England Construction
Mirvac Projects P/L
MPR Design Group P/L
Tower Projects
Working Environments P/L
Highest Scoring Print Commercial Industrial 1994 AIPP NSW Professional Awards
2 Silver and 1 Bronze Award 1994 AIPP Professional Photography Awards
1 Bronze Award 1995 AIPP Professional Photography Awards
3 Bronze Awards 1996 AIPP Professional Photography Awards
Ilford Trophy for the Most Outstanding Colour Print 2000 AIPP Awards.
4 Silver Awards 2001 AIPP Professional Photography Awards

Mr Cornelius Hart - National Marketing Manager, FDC Construction and Fitout P/L
Anthony Fretwell has worked with FDC as our photographer of choice for over 15 years, providing stunning images of our construction, interior and refurbishment projects. His attention to detail, polite management of our clients and professional image selection have ensured we have a strong and easy working relationship. We greatly value his reliability, creative contribution and practical application to our marketing efforts.

Ms Katie Formstan - Director, John Nicholas and Partners
For over 13 years Anthony has delivered exceptional photographs that highlight our architectural projects. The results are an outcome to put in the time and effort required to get the ideal image, while also being sensitive to our clients ongoing operations and needs during the shoot. Knowing he always returns with the goods, and on budget, is very reassuring.

Ms Diana Sarcasmo - NSW Marketing Manager, Mirvac Projects Pty Ltd
Anthony approaches his work with dedication and focus, constantly ensuring that the highest quality is achieved and adding value to the brief.

Industry Affiliations
Architectural Photography
Industrial Photography
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