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Australian Freeze Frame

Kellyville, New South Wales
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    Rodney Wright August 8, 2017

    I needed some photos of a reflective product no one seems to be able to capture. Richard listened to what I needed and provided results in a really good timeframe. Super happy with the results.
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    • Wiggles
    • Foreign Corespondent ABC
    • Austrac NSW Gov
    • Australia German Media Network
    • Blue Sky Energy
    • NAB
    • Hills Mobility
    • Civil Contractors Federation New South Wales


    • Diploma in Visual communications B.A.Design


    • Corporate/Industrial photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Nude photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Model Composites photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Glamour photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Baby/Children photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Wedding photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Architectural photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Product/Studio photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Landscape photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Family photography in Kellyville, NSW
    • Advertising photography in Kellyville, NSW


    Daniel and Alison,
    Just wanting to say a final thank you for the work you have done on the photos and the video for our wedding. The quality and presentation is second to none and we couldn't of made a better choice. Thanks again. We will definately be recommending you, and I'm sure we will be calling on you for more events in the future.

    Anita and I just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for the time and effort that you put into our special day. With the final albums now complete, we are both extremely delighted with the outcome and the quality with which it was prepared. In short, we are just over the moon with what was produced. As you know, Anita and I were very aware of having a photographer who could work with us in the lead-up to the day as well as the day itself, and also someone with whom we could get along. To our great satisfaction, you achieved it all and all we can really say is a huge great big THANK YOU!!!! You were a large part of making our day very special. Thank you again, we will forever appreciate it. Sincerely, Mike and Anita Short

    I just want to thank you for everything, the photos are amazing and we are extremely happy with your un-intrusive ways, your friendly service and your calm professionalism. We watched the full length DVD over the weekend and we just love it. You really have captured every stage of the day/night and nothing was missed. Our family has watched the short version and they have all enjoyed it and can't believe how much you managed to cover. The enlargement you did for us is wonderful and I can't stop looking at it (how did you manage to make us look so good?) Sheree

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    Rodney Wright August 8, 2017

    I needed some photos of a reflective product no one seems to be able to capture. Richard listened to what I needed and provided results in a really good timeframe. Super happy with the results.
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Are you in need of some headshots for your online presence. Maybe you need some professional looking photos of your products for that eBay store or company website. We can provide a freshen up of your image and generate more interest for you. Dont do it yourself. There is one thing that cannot be easily imitated and that is the vision and know how, that comes with years of experience and qualifications. Some of the more recognisable names that we have photographed include Lady Diana, Michael Jackson, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford Kylie Minogue, Danni Minogue, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Gillian Anderson and the late Patrick Swayze, Check out our website for more images - View More...

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