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Adelaide, South Australia
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  • Clients

    • CARA - Carer Aid and Respite Accommodation
    • The Australian Newspaper
    • Adelaide City Council
    • University of South Australia
    • Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance (SA Chapter)
    • Australian Services Union
    • yourtown
    • Swanbury Penglase
    • Burnside Village Centre Management
    • World Tennis Challenge
    • Tennis South Australia
    • Tennis Australia


    • Silver Award - South Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards, 2012
    • Silver/Silver Distinction Awards - South Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards, 2013
    • Silver Awards - South Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards, 2014
    • Silver/Silver Distinction Awards - South Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards, 2016



    Clare, Chapman
    Chris is contracted as the official photographer of the World Tennis Challenge (WTC), an Australian Open series event held at Memorial Drive each January. His work is paramount to documenting every aspect of the event in partnership with his business partner, Jacinta. From media calls, to cocktail functions, on court tennis and sponsorship placement - he is across it all, and doesn't miss a beat. Chris is constantly improving upon the last event. In 2012, it was highlighting the opportunity to utilise the Adelaide Oval construction cranes and take some incredible 'birds eye' view images of Memorial Drive with full stands. In 2013, it was introduction time lapse cameras to capture the set-up of the venue. He is always on the front foot. Event days are long, and sometimes gruelling - having Chris on the team makes it fun.

    Industry Affiliations

    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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About this Photographer

With more than 20 years in the media industry, I've developed a strong sense of what makes for effective imagery tethered with understanding the importance of meeting deadlines. Evidence of this is found in recently secured long-term projects with the Adelaide City Council and University of South Australia, both of which include time-lapse imagery.

My media experience extends to many years on staff as a sub-editor, so I have a solid understanding of production processes and working to layout.

Combining this with a sea change in my career outlook over the past few years from journalism to full-time photography and the lessons I learned from long ago when I spent 15 years in hospitality means I can confidently believe I offer not only a unique set of capabilities but a solid conviction to meeting client's needs. View More...

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