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Sydney, New South Wales
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Click InFocus is one of Australia's premier sports and event photography companies with extensive experience in all types of special events photography.

Sporting Event Photography
Corporate Event Photography
Representative Championships and Galas
International Sports Coverage
Professional Sports Coverage
Grand Finals
Dance and Drama Studio/Performance Photography
Club and Team Photography
School Photography
Fundraising Event Photography
Family and Portrait Photography
Birthday Parties
Any other type of special event

Click InFocus event packages includes the provision of content to the event coordinator and the sales of memorabilia to those attending the event. Our extensive range of products can be tailored to any event. Our event coverage is available in all states and territories plus New Zealand (all cities and regional venues). We cover events of all ages and capability at state and national levels. Our National footprint ensures continuity for our clients. Our Media Content Management tools provide easy access to event content for both event organiser and patrons.

The same skills that benefit our state and national clients are also rolled out to clubs and associations. If you are looking to make your club or organisation stand out from the rest our state of the art team photos and action packages will help you achieve this outcome.

For our Dance & Drama clients we provide year round packages inclusive of studio and live event coverage. We offer the most extensive range of backdrops that can be tailored to any theme required.

Sport Photography
Event Photography
Glamour Photography
Hockey Australia
Hockey NSW
Cricket NSW
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Click InFocus

, Sydney, New South Wales

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Sport Photography
Event Photography
Glamour Photography
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