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Showing 1 - 24 of 363

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Corporate/Industrial Photography

All photography is about telling a story through an image. A moment is captured (digitally or on film) in the form of a photograph. Corporate photographers (or industrial photographers) are no different in their ultimate goals with photography as those you’ll find who specialize in other areas.

A corporate photographer (or industrial photography) needs the technical know-how that any professional photographer would need. One of the things that a corporate photographer needs that you might not ordinarily think of is creativity. That’s right, industrial photographers may be taking pictures of buildings, company executives, products, or equipment, but it doesn’t mean creativity can’t be involved.

One major difference between industrial photographers and other photographers, the work is almost always on location. While it is true that there will be some parts of the job that can be done in house, for the most part industrial photographers will travel to the client instead of it being the other way around.

Below are some of typical job responsibilities of corporate or industrial photographers:

•Catalogs – if a company has a mail order catalog for their product line they’ll need photos of each item. This could be done on site or at the photographer’s studio; it would depend on sizes and quantity of items.

•Company Analysis – let’s say a company is considering expanding its operations to a specific overseas location; an industrial photographer would be responsible for going over to the location and bringing back photos of the prospective location for analysis by management.

•Marketing – this is one of the more common reasons why a company would employ an industrial or corporate photographer. If there is ad campaign scheduled where mgt or products need to be photographed, corporate photographers always get the first call.

The job of a corporate photographer is one that has the potential to be both packed with excitement and filled with monotonous activity. Either way you look at it, one thing that is undeniable is that the job of the corporate or industrial photographer is one that will always be in demand; it also has the potential to be very lucrative.

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