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Darwin, Northern Territory
4 out of 5

Darwin Harbour is both beautiful and unique. It has an incredibly diverse range of fish and also a large tidal range. Our custom built boats allow you to fish the harbour no matter what tide. We can access estuaries, mud flats, mangroves, reefs and wrecks ensuring a memorable days fishing on our charters.

Our custom built boats for fishing Darwin harbour allow us to fish all tides. Estuary, mud flats, mangroves, reefs, wrecks and live baiting ensuring you comfort and safety.

Your guide will gladly clean, gut and prepare your fish to take home for you ready to enjoy. We also encourage a catch and release policy to protect our fish stocks, for any anglers not able to keep their catch.

Due to our commitment and excellent service we strive to deliver you with an experience of a lifetime. With over 30 species of fish to be caught the excitment is never ending.

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