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Bakewell, Northern Territory
4.5 out of 5
  • Wedding Photography

  • Krissy Kai-Nielsen is a professional photographer based in Bakewell, Northern Territory

    Krissy and Cammo are the lead photographers at Darwin Photography Professionals. We are both Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) accredited photographers and have a breadth of experience spanning the following subjects:

    Corporate portraits/headshots
    Wedding and couples
    Newborn and babies
    Real estate and construction
    Events and special occasion (christenings, parties, corporate functions)
    Family and maternity portraits
    Both studio and natural lighting

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    Australian Institute of Professional Photography full accreditation (2012 to current)


    Wedding photography in Bakewell, NT

    Industry Affiliations

    AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    Rosalie and Jarrod, Wedding Clients

    Krissy n Cammo, I got my DVD's this morning. Watched it straight away! Cannot wipe the grin off my face! It is beautiful! You have captured some intimate moments, some stunning moments n memories I'll have for life. Thank you so much for everything. The pictures are stunning! The DVD is beautiful. I may have nearly cried again! But just grinning to have such a lovely item from our wedding. Thank you! You are an amazing team.

    Sally and Dan, Wedding Clients

    Now that Sally and myself have had 5 minutes to breath since the wedding I would like to write a quick review on your services. In both my time as a amateur (very) Photographer and in the corporate world I have come across a number of photographers. From this knowledge I can give an informed opinion of the services rendered by both Krissy and Cammo. They are not charging enough...Period From looking at their webpage and their facebook page, you can see the quality of their work. It literally speaks for itself. What you don't see from the finished product is the effort that goes into creating the beautiful pieces of art. Firstly the initial consultations are amazing. You never hear the word "no" from DPP they will endeavor to get every thing your heart desires. When the expectations are unattainable, they suggest a way to get it done. You leave the consultation with the utmost confidence that you have hired professionals and not squandered your dollars on some sort of cowboys. Then on the day you get the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic photographers you will ever meet. Let me tell you these ladies border on the reckless (to their own safety) to get the right shot. They would not be out of place traipsing through a war zone to get the cover shot of Time Magazine, they are just that good. A quick side note as well on their equipment. As an amateur photographer (albeit a Canon fanboy), i know that their equipment is of a Professional grade. Both the Cameras and the lenses are of high quality. What does this mean? It means that your photos are the sharpest they can be with the largest colour range that you can get. This is important to the final product when it hangs on your wall - No entry level equipment here at all. Finally the techniques that they use and their ability to work in sync is admirable. This will allow for you to get those amazing shots (like our sunset shots). I also say that they are tireless as well. They worked a straight 12 hours for us as if it was nothing... I was completely shattered the evening of our wedding energy wise, but I swear that they could have gone for another 12 hours straight (ok maybe another 6). My final words to anyone considering hiring them for an event is this: STOP LOOKING! These are the photographers you want. Honestly you will not regret it. They made our day so much more enjoyable. And I was the groom, and you know how much men care about these things Thank you from Dan Kyr and Sally Kyr

    Katie and Jason, Wedding Clients

    I can't thank Krissy and Cammo enough for everything they have done for me. When Jason and I first met with them we knew that they were the ones to be special enough to make our day one we will never forget. As photographers they went over and above and we are so the most luckiest bridal couple to have them shooting our wedding day. Working with both of them was amazing. A dream come true. The way it should feel when smiling for the camera - NATURAL. They are full of life, happy, hard working, nothing was ever to hard for them, they shot amazing pictures in the most beautiful locations, captured every moment of love and they are the most talented Photographers in the business. We love them both to the moon and back and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for making memories that will last to the end of time. I have to say that at the drop of a hat you both will be photographers for Jason and I in the future, for my fashion label shoots and forever our friends. Thank you again and wow amazing x we love ur energy, your passion and your eye for every signal detail x love love Mr. And Mrs. McFarland x

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