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Clifton Beach, Tasmania

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Having borrowed his fathers camera at the age of 12, and neglecting to give it back, his photographic career began at high school, spending hours inhabiting the dark room and experimenting with black and white printing. A background in geology and glaciology has given him access to that most amazing of continents, Antarctica, which he has visited 19 times since 1987.

He has been shooting landscape and wilderness images for over 20 years, specialising in cold-weather and remote locations using 35mm, medium format panorama, and digital cameras. In 2006 he was awarded the Arts Tasmania Cultural Residency at Lake St Clair National Park, where he enjoyed two months freedom to explore, and attempt to incorporate, the often-ignored "human" element in wilderness photography. A commercial pilot, his current projects include portraits of men and women who spend their life flying, and aerial photographs of Tasmania's more remote regions. You can see a portfolio of his work here.

Doug also offers affordable photographic services in the Hobart area, including family portraits, event and wedding photography. View More...

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