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Showing 1 - 24 of 471

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Event Photography

Event photographers are like the jack of all trades when it comes to professional photographers. They don’t just specialize in weddings, advertising, or fashion – instead, the event photographers do a little bit of everything.

Classic event photographers work within many different business functions where photography is needed. Below are some standard job functions that would be the foundation of work for most event photographers.

Conferences and Conventions – In just about any industry you can think of, there are invariably many times throughout the year when they will all gather together in one place. Of course these events, normally held in hotel conference rooms, will require the services of professional event photographers to take pictures.

Boot Photography (Trade Shows) – event photographers are also prepared to handle capturing the images at your specific booth, or for the entire event.

On-site Instant Photography – let’s say you want a booth set up to take pictures of your employees and their dates at this year’s holiday party, an event photographer would be able to step in here as well.

Destination Photography (Travel) – there are many people who need a photographer with them to capture special moments as they go about living their life (e.g. corporate charity events or political campaigns). Event photographers also do a lot of this type of work.

Sporting Events – event photographers can also be found at professional as well as amateur sporting events. Because capturing quality images when subjects are constantly moving is a skill that often requires the expertise of an event photographer.

Event photographers do a great job of diversifying their business which gives them a hand up on photographers who specialize. For photographers just starting out, it may be a good idea to begin working as an event photographer. You may get a chance to work on enough different types of assignments that you see what area you would like to work in exclusively. Either way, being an event photographer is an excellent way for a professional to make living shooting photos.

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