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Food Photography

If you want to be a photographer then you're going to have to learn to love food photography. Out of all the jobs and assignments available out there in the world of photography, food photography remains one of the most common.
Every time a new restaurant opens and every time the grocery store needs to update their newspaper inserts, they're going to be looking for great photographs of food. Whether you get hired as a freelance photographer for these projects or they're just picking your shots out of a stock photo catalogue, there's always a demand for food photos. Here are some tips to fast-track you to selling some great food shots:
Natural Light is Preferable
Harsh, artificial lighting can really ruin a great food shot with unpleasant glares. If you don't have the professional light setup for great food shots, just shoot in the afternoon for some great natural light coming in through the windows.
Compose the Shot
Contrasting or complimenting the food itself with great colours in the surrounding scenery is a great idea if you want to really bring the natural beauty of the burger, soup or salad out on film. Don't just think of the food, but the whole shot.
Shoot from Low Angles
Give that hero sandwich a 'hero shot' by shooting from a low angle. Think of your food subject as John Wayne walking through the saloon doors and shoot looking up whenever you can. Shooting down at the plate can make food look a little wimpy. By shooting from a low angle, it pops right off the plate and looks delicious.
These tips are all you really need to get started. Just be sure to arrange the food in a flattering way and the rest will come naturally if you follow the pieces of advice listed above.

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