Frederic COURBET of OSFPE PRODUCTIONS Shortlist Photographer

Sydney, New South Wales
5 out of 5

Corporate and editorial filmmaker and photographer with extensive international experience gained working in more than 20 countries on 3 different continents. Receptive to new ideas and ways of working with a flair for creativity and innovation. Possesses excellent bilingual communication skills and the ability to develop positive business relationships at all levels. Committed to delivering a high standard of service at all times, completing all assigned tasks accurately and on time. Enjoys being part of a productive team and thrives in highly pressure and challenging working environments.
Key achievements and competencies
? Enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in roles ranging from producer of high-end commercial images for advertising, assistant director on movie sets, to reporting social issues in the developing world and particularly across Africa
? Published photographs in major magazines around the world, widely exhibited and featured in many corporate publications and presentations, including The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, The Observer, Suddeutsh Zeitung, Der Spiegel, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, and Le Monde
? Successfully completed assignments for many NGOs and foundations, especially Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Nike Foundation and GHR Foundation
? Worked as a skilled and professional communicator with clients including Nestle, IBM, Red Bull, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, P20, Syngenta, Kolofa, Fairmont Hotels and Sony-Ericsson
Advertising Photography
Corporate/Industrial Photography
Real Estate Photography
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Nike Foundation
GHR foundation
Tasmania Tourism board


Deanna Petersen, CARGIL
Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility Communications at Cargill Frederic has captured the mission of GHR Foundation's work in stunning photography and videography. He is a tireless professional, develops warm rapport with all his subjects and is an insightful partner when it comes to visual storytelling. Frederic is a truly outstanding partner.

Malika RA , Getty
Frederic is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is hardworking,flexible, reliable, and easy to work with. He has a great sense of humor and relaxed personality and is able to "go with the flow" which is a huge plus in this business. He is knowledgeable, passionate, and a experienced photojournalist who has worked all over the world. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

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, Sydney, New South Wales

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Advertising Photography
Corporate/Industrial Photography
Real Estate Photography
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