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Happy Valley, South Australia
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  • Clients

    • ABC Organic Gardener magazine
    • Adelaide Showgrounds
    • Centre for Groundwater Research and Training
    • City of Onkaparinga
    • City of Marion
    • DMITRE
    • DEWNR
    • Epicure
    • Fleurieu Living Magazine
    • Holidays With Kids magazine
    • South Australia Tourism Commission
    • South Australia Tourism Industry Council
    • The Little Big Book Club
    • University of SA
    • Working Title Press


    • 2013 South Australia AIPP Awards - 7 Silver Awards
    • 2013 Australia AIPP Awards - 2 Silver Awards
    • 2014 South Australia AIPP Awards - 4 Silver Awards
    • 2014 Australia AIPP Awards - 2 Silver Awards
    • Various exhibitions including SALA 2014, Skrambled Eggs at Adelaide Convention Centre 2014, Beyond The Square at ASO 2008, SABAN at Hawke Building Uni SA 2009, SALA Hotel Richmond 2009


    Industry Affiliations

    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    No Reviews Yet

    Be the first to let others know about your experience with
    Heidi Who Photos.

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About this Photographer

I've stood in the rain, crawled on the ground, even tried to have a chat with a sea lion to get the perfect shot. I'm in my happy place when seeing the world through a camera's lens. My name is Heidi Linehan and I am a location photographer based in Adelaide, Australia.

Over the past fifteen years, I've worked in rainforests and deserts and throughout the urban landscape across 20+ countries and counting. I've photographed everything from prime ministers to prime properties, and even the Melbourne Commonwealth Games when I was on assignment for News Limited.

The stuffy version of my current job description? I work with an international clientele of tourism, lifestyle, and editorial clients seeking outstanding service, a creative approach, and a discerning eye. The reality? I'm in love with my camera and we make art together. Thank heaven my clients are thrilled because I can't break off this relationship.

Sometimes, it's just my camera and I, and sometimes we gather a team of amazing creative people. From retouchers and assistants, to videographers, producers, and other photographers, we orchestrate, facilitate, and do what it takes to get the picture, that tells the story, that makes our clients smile.

When we get to work, quality is assured, fun is had by all, and fabulousness results. View More...

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