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Woodcroft, South Australia
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About this Photographer

Hi, my name is Peter and I'm a passionate photographer. I'm always taking photos and always have my camera with me. Most times, especially early on a Saturday morning, I am up early with my camera and coffee in hand and heading out to watch the sunrise, and hopefully get some great shots. I also have even been known to go out late at night and captured some star trails.

Being passionate and wanting to learn more about photography, I too get over whelmed with all the hype, and gismos that comes with this hobby/profession. I am trying to simplify photography and to help others and also learn from others and help them to grasp the concept of looking at things differently, and to encourage people to enjoy their hobby. Sometimes I too get overwhelmed with the pictures I see; sometimes I look at a picture and say ?I could never take a picture like that?. Well a lot of factors need to be looked at...

?The type of equipment the person has,
?How long have they been doing photography,
?How much time they spend doing the photography?

And the list goes on. I know with a young family, I don't spend as much time as I would like taking photos, and getting out as often as I would like. But I cherish both, my family & my photography, so I made the most of both times. But I do make sure when I go out with my friends on a photo shoot, I make sure I enjoy the company & I enjoy the time taking photos and learning from my friends at the same time.

So I hope what you see on my website is encouraging, and helpful, and will spur the passion within to be a better photographer.

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