Dominik Stozki of
Captured Moments Productions

Moonah, Tasmania
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    Maxine ,
    Dom filmed my wedding in April he was fantastic. He was very professional and easy going on the day. The film he made for me and my husband was fantastic would highly recommend him.

    Cannot recommend highly enough! A HUGE THANKYOU to Dominik for your skills behind the camera, we loved having you floating about on our wedding day and are over the moon with the highlights video!! I'm so grateful for your time and efforts to capture our wedding day so beautifully. THANKYOU xxxXXxxx Amy and Josh.

    Dominik captured our wedding day beautifully. The most windy day in February and he still managed to get some fantastic footage of our special day. Thanks again.

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About this Photographer

My name is Dominik Stozki. I am a husband and a father of three great young boys. My camera is never far away, ready to capture my family moments. I fell in love with photography a long time ago. I enjoy capturing every special moment and creating lasting memories.

In 2012 I studied with the Photography Institute, gaining my Diploma of Photography. I followed this by studying at Tafe Tasmania in 2013, graduating with a Diploma in Visual Arts (Photography). I am currently studying the Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in photography at the University of Tasmania. I studied with the Photography institute and gaining my diploma, followed by studying at Tafe Tasmania graduating with a Diploma in Visual Arts (Photography) and now currently studying at the University of Tasmania (Tasmanian Collage of the Arts) majoring in photography.

When booking with me, you are assured quality and a personal service. I take time to listen and plan your photography session. I hope you enjoy looking through some of my images. Please dont hesitate to contact me for your photography needs.

Let me capture your precious moments and immortalise them for all time. View More...

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