Roy Vieth of Shutterbug Walkabouts Shortlist Photographer

Hobart, Tasmania
4.5 out of 5

Photography tours and in-the-field workshops in Tasmania

Capture unique photographs, not just snapshots.

Combine your travel and sightseeing experiences in Hobart and Southern Tasmania with your passion for photography. Be guided by award-winning landscape photographer, Roy Vieth to discover how you can create photos like a Pro!

Our practical in-the-field photography workshops will help you get to know your camera and teach you the skills and techniques to enhance your photography. Your newfound knowledge will encourage you to experiment with the manual settings, refresh and develop your existing knowledge and take your photography to the next level.

We have full day photography tours too; let us take you on a journey through picturesque Tasmanian scenes (stopping for photos along the way, of course!). Our tours are relaxed and informative, ideal for keen photographers and their non- photographer travel companions too.

You will be guided to look at what you see with a photographer's eye, the photos you take home to share with family and friends will be unique images, not just snapshots. Listen to them say "WOW, look at these amazing photos from your holiday!".
2012 Tasmanian Professional Photography Awards - Silver with Distinction & Silver awards
2012 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - Silver with Distinction & Silver awards
2013 Tasmanian Professional Photography Awards - One Gold & two Silver awards
2013 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards - Four Silver awards

Suzanne, Melbourne VIC (Dusk to Dark Experience),
"I loved it! Very friendly hosts, very informative and just a great time! It's been a while since I did any shooting with other photography enthusiasts or been out shooting real photos, not just happy snaps. The tour really helped to bring back some of the passion."

Elaine Hardy, Sorell TAS (Master Your Camera Experience),
"After being embarrassed about knowing so little I was put at ease and felt comfortable".

Matthew, Lara VIC (Capturing Close-ups and Dusk to Dark Experien,
"As a complete novice with my Canon 1100D, on your Capturing Close Ups walkabout tour you provided me with a very pleasant and informative half day of instruction and sound advice on the operations and functionality of my camera. You practical teaching tempo was very relaxed and patient, and I enjoyed so much the discoveries of what could be produced from macro shooting. The venue of the Botanical Gardens of Hobart with the conservatory was a perfect. The Dusk to Dark session was a fantastic experience in learning how to take low light photos while drawing out the best lighting and colours of the buildings of Salamanca and landmarks of Hobart's CBD and water front. Thank you both for a great day and evening with your very experienced photography skills and knowledge. I highly recommend your Shutterbug Walkabout tours."

Industry Affiliations
AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
Landscape Photography
Nature Photography
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