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Landscape Photographers
Landscape Photographers have a lot to work with in Australia. The smallest continent on the planet, often referred to as an ‘island content’ has some of the most beautiful natural beauty anywhere on the planet. Desert areas as well as tropical rainforest and grasslands exist in Australia giving landscape photographers a plethora of options.
Australia is also known for not only having beautiful landscapes to photograph; Australia has also produced some of the best landscape photographers anywhere in the world. There a many notable landscape photographers worth knowing about who have helped put the landscape of Australia in front of the masses.
Peter Dombovkis may be the most important landscape photographer to ever represent the country of Australia up till now. This Aussie can claim the title of being the only one of his fellow countrymen to ever have been inducted in the International Photography Hall of Fame. Dombovkis is most known for capturing the loveliness of the Tasmanian landscape. Unfortunately, in 1996 this landscape photographer died too soon of a heart attack.
People like Geoff Murray and Ken Duncan also represent the genius of landscape photographers currently making an impact in the field. With so many breathtaking options to capture in nature’s diversified beauty being on one small continent, Australia has all the characteristics of being a landscape photographer’s dream. Everything from mountains, waterfalls, river banks, urban centers, wildlife, desert, swamps, and woodlands can all be found in the land down under.
If you are an aspiring landscape photographer, there are many photographers on the continent of Australia who can inspire you to create your own photography art. Have a wonderful time exploring the land with your camera in hand. You will find yourself connecting deeper with the energy of the land as you walk around in search of moments to capture.
Keep in mind that many landscape photographers make their own rule when it comes to snapping picture of the scenery surrounding them. Many add people or animals to their landscape photos, which is usually considered as tainting the purity of the natural landscape. The great thing about art, even landscape photography art, is that there really are no rules.

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