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Laurel Alexandra Photography

Brookfield, Queensland

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I specialise in documentary style photography, capturing the moments as they happen when they happen. I love to capture the connection between a family or a couple at the given time.
Families change dynamic over the years so it is important to document the connection and what the family enjoys doing together at that particular time, as it changes so quickly.
For couples either getting married, engaged or having a baby its such an exiting time. That closeness and those connecting glances are awesome to document.

You don't get the connect, those special moments if your just sitting posing in front of the camera - so we usually come out to a location of choice and photography the family or couple spending time together. A handful of posy shoots and then all natural. Kids playing, couples laughing etc etc.

I take bookings in Australia and England - contact me for more info: [email protected]

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Laurel Alexandra Photography
PO BOX 712, Brookfield, Queensland

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