Melissa Morey of
The F2.8 Group

South Melbourne, Victoria
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  • Clients

    • AGL
    • The Lifestylers Group
    • JH Town Planning
    • Annette Warner Landscape Architect
    • The Melbourne Show Boat
    • VECCI
    • Numerous individual corporate portraits
    • Numerous family portraits


    • ? International Loupe Awards, Bronze Award, Photojournalism, 2013
    • ? International Loupe Awards, Bronze Award, Commercial, 2012
    • ? International Loupe Awards, Silver Award, Commercial, 2011
    • ? International Loupe Awards, Silver Award, Illustrative, 2011
    • ? International Aperture Awards, Bronze Award, Science Nature, 2010
    • ? The Prometheus Art Award, Shortlisted, Brisbane, 2007
    • ? Julie Milowick Award Exhibition, Castlemaine, Shortlisted, 2006
    • ? Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Silver Award, Category: Industrial, 2004


    Denise Mooney, Clickable Copy
    I hired Melissa to take new portrait shots for my website and the results were awesome! Not only did I get heaps of great photos that can be used in different marketing campaigns, the photo shoot itself was also a lot of fun. Fantastic job Melissa and thank you so much!

    Nicole Worsley, JH Town Planning
    "The F2.8 Group took our corporate photos and produced our electronic Christmas card to send to our clients. The end result received an abundance of positive comments from our clients. "

    Dean Thornton, HASSELL
    "I had the pleasure of working with Melissa in several capacities. As a colleague at HASSELL where I highly valued her professional and organisational skills; and through her photography business where she has undertaken a number of commission for our business. Her work is first rate and I would highly recommend her to others."

    Industry Affiliations

    • AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
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    Landscape Photography

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    The F2.8 Group.

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About this Photographer

At The F2.8 Group Photography, we specialise in creating images that tell your story. Whether you need intimate portrait shots that capture those special moments with your family, a photograph that reflects your personality or commercial photography that boosts your company's profile.

We can come to you, this takes the hassle out of getting family portrait photographs or even your corporate/social media profile photos taken. We will bring our portable studio lights, so all you need is a meeting room and then I'll make your corporate portrait come to life.

My clients often comment on how much fun they have when I take their photographs. I myself, hate being in front of the camera, so I will make you feel at we get some great photos.

Based in inner Melbourne, we're happy to travel. View More...

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