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Manning Point, New South Wales
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Showing 1 - 24 of 185

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Nature Photography

Nature Photographers

Nature photographers everywhere have the distinct honor of being able to capture the beauty lying all around them. The best nature photographers know how to capture the essence and beauty of what others may deem ordinary in life. For Australian nature photographers, it is only too easy to discover the beauty of nature.

You can set your tripod up in the dry desert land of the outback, or head up north where the tropical rainforests can be found. Either way, a nature photographer traipsing around the world’s smallest continent, camera in tow, is sure to have a good time.
Whether you live in Australia or happen to be planning a visit soon. There are a few simple rules professionals know which amateur photographers could benefit from when taking their own nature photos.

Nature Photographers Tip #1: Maximize the natural light available. It may be best to pick a spot in the landscape which interests you and set up your equipment. Be patient. Watch. Snap your shots at different points of the day to see what differences the light of day will make. Late in the day, when the sun is close to going down is a favorite time for most photographers. On the other hand, cloudy days are often great for taking pictures of nature that include animals or people. Cloud coverage helps prevent squinting eyes which can become blinded by the sun.

Nature Photographers Tip#2: With nature photos, unlike with other photography, zooming out on your subject may yield you a more impactful result. You will need to be careful of randomly choosing your vantage points. Expert nature photographers know how to snap pictures in such a way that the viewer’s eye is drawn into the image.

Nature Photographer Tip#3: Be focused; pay close attention to what happens if you shift a little bit to the right or left; what about if you wait for another fifteen minutes, can your shot be amazing instead of just good?

Following these tips can help you go from taking amateur shots to achieving results similar to those of professional nature photographers.


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